Monday, April 18, 2011

Ah Lab u din Lord! ^_^

madalian lang 'to soO gow!

so umh...

Yep! it's been a while since I wrote something here...

and haha! may nag fofollow pa pala...kakahiya medyo nakakahiya rin sa mga follower realize ko kasi after I read your blogs guys...---ako lang pala ang no sense at all! XD

So wapak!

So, yep! it's been a while (ai pa ulit-ulit?!)
Now i'm back with some lesson learned  kuno! to start this ba?mm..oh there I see it...(at obvious na di pinag isipan...)

image dito 

Ganito kasi 'yon...
It's almost a month since i'm promoted---chaka! not really "promoted" but parang---since my boss entrusted me with this bigger job...and of course a bigger job is equal to a bigger $ ay P lang pala---so, as a result and honestly i became so greedy!!! Ohmaygawd!!! Shame on me!!! and i can't believe i'm saying this...XD

Sa sobrang greedy ko kahit di pa dumadating pay ko budgeted agad technically, automatically! LOL isipin mo 'yon!---'yong parang all the things you have been dreaming of before gusto mo nang bilhin agad---as in now na!----na gusto mo nang mag "living solo"---at iwanan ang pamilya dahil can afford ka na! paks! ansama.! tsk tsk tsk at at parang nahihibang ka na ----alam mo namang di mo pa rin ma aafford taz to the highest level agad mga planong bilhin mo!---ay AKO lang pala.

As a result ulit I always looking forward for my pay....hehe (evil_grin) ---and became greedy (ai pa ulit ulit?!) and I can't wait for yet to come (give it already to me na kasi eh!) and there's so much in my thoughts----you know i was thinking that 'OMG when i got it I would probably buy 'dis and 'dat and 'dese and 'dose!'


But one day (actually kanina lang) God came to the rescue! He saved me from this "echusness" that I am suffering from---------by how? He sent me to rehab? oh naw! not that way...BUT in a very mysterious SECRET! waahaa! (uu lam ko ang korni!)

 ganito kasi 'yon...

(warning: this is not a promotion)
One day (actually kanina lang) am reading this book entitled *kasalukuyang kinukuha ang booklet... -----------------------ayon! "Ang Pera ng Hindi Bitin" ni Eduardo O. Roberto, JR. ...mumurahin lang 'to pero swak naman! and yep! as what its title says---it's all about money---oh hindi pala---it's all about managing your money which touched a lot of verses from the Bible!...toomooh..! so bili na! lol asteeg....

What was amazing about it was that kusa lang dumating ang libro na 'to sa bahay ko! (oo tama---literally sa "bahay" ko)

One morning (actually kanina lang) nakita ko 'to sa mesa---and I was like---'ah ganun? in your face talaga ---kanino 'to? for sure kay kuya! at kay kuya nga!---'Bob Ong ba 'to? ay hindi...okay let's read it!

So the day when i first read it! (actually kanina lang) I was like na naman---"wow! parang ako lang 'to ah!!!---Intro pa lang a big slap na!!!

Na kwento kasi ng author mga experince nya...on how he bacme greedy, and lazy and all that stuff---and he was thinking about his money before a lot!!! (ops! spoiler alert!)

So i continued---and found a lot of verses that he included on the book that brought me into self-realization... and again, I was like...'Ohmaygawd!---this book is talking tomeh! LOrd ikaw ba 'to?...'

So, ayon I learned my lesson na (kahit hindi ako sure which part...assuming na)

But what really moved me was that---again the book was kusang dumating sa buhay ko--bahay ko! I wasn't really expecting that God would answer me right away before I could think about it---and...mmh..yeah parang ganun if that made sense-----and has helped me, let me realized before i could make a move...and that showed me na ----LOVE talaga ako ni Lord...hehe a lab you din Lord! ^_^----hindi niya ako pinapabayaan..and it proved that He really have thousands of way not to let you fall...

tenk you Lord!!!

p.s. wow mabilisan lang 'to pero ang haba pa rin...tsk tsk...XD
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